Syrian refugees in Lebanon

In 2005, following the assassination of former Sunni Prime Minister Rafik Hariri, youth of all walk-of-life took the streets and began the very first of the Arab Springs. So if promising, the «Cedar Revolution» led in a few months the withdrawal of the Syrian army after nearly thirty years of occupation. Eight years later, the country is facing a new crisis: The Syrian refugees. A human avalanche crosses borders to escape the bloody struggle between the regime in Damascus to the rebels.
According to UNHCR official data, registered refugees are already more than 800 000 and should reach one million by the end of the year. But non-governmental organizations says the real number is close to one million and a half, the equivalent of a quarter of the Lebanese population. Refugee struggle for food, shelter and jobs. Mostly of them, from low and middle class, but even from the syrian bourgeoisie, fled their country without nothing, only a bag of clothes. They lives in tent camps or insalubre rooms, paying a huge monthly rent to have a place to stay. Children dropped out of school and often begging to help their families that run out of money.
With the ongoing of the crisis, they lost even the hopeless to have their life back.

Thanks to the collaboration with the NGOs OXFAM Italia

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